Our Clients and JangoMail Reviews

Below you will find transcripts of actual email correspondence between JangoMail customers and JangoMail service personnel. The comments below are unsolicited, and were received by us through natural correspondence with our customers. Our customers' word is our strongest testament to our dedication to our customers, our feature-rich service, our outstanding support, and our cutting-edge technology platform.

From: Hal P.

Date: 9/16/14

I've said it before, and I'll say it again - JangoMail support is the best I have ever experienced! Nice people, great knowledge, extremely helpful. What more could I ask?

Hal P.

From: Bill D.

Date: 9/9/14

Gayle was excellent throughout the entire process. I am embarrassed to say that the problem proved to be the fact that I was using the incorrect list for sending my email. As I result, I ended sending Gayle and her innocent minions on a wild goose chase that lasted the better part of a day. Gayle treated me with the utmost respect and her desire to help was sincere and greatly appreciated. My kudos to her.

Bill D.

From: Michelle S.

Date: 8/25/14

Chris Reibold is usually the one who responds to my ticket. I have consistently been impressed with his prompt and thorough attention to my tickets. Great job.

Michelle S.

From: Kris N.

Date: 8/21/14

Awesome! You're company has great customer support. I would happily recommend your services to others :)

Kris N.

From: Y. Banat

Date: 8/12/14

We get informed very quickly and we feel that there is a real support. Amber seems to be nice. So, yes i'm satisfied. Thank you.

Y. Banat

From: Dave M.

Date: 8/4/14

Thank you so much for your help. You were able to answer my questions in a fraction of the time compared to your competitors which, by the way, we don't use any more.

Thanks again,

Dave M.

From: Jim S.

Date: 7/30/14

Gayle was right on it with exactly what I needed to do to resolve my issue. She also followed up to make sure it was working now. Good work!

Jim S.

From: Paola W.

Date: 7/28/14

The support given by Christina Jacomet was superb!

Paola W.

From: Ari S.

Date: 7/28/14

Stephanie was great. We were able to hop on a call and figure everything out rather seamlessly.

Ari S.

From: Scott M.

Date: 7/28/14

Very prompt response and a clear, precise answer to the question. Thanks again!

Scott M.

From: E. Snark

Date: 7/26/14

Quick response, everything resolved right away, good communication - thanks!

E. Snark

From: B. Diamond

Date: 7/23/14

Gayle was a big help with this problem. I tried to figure it out myself and just couldn't get it. By the time I got to Gayle, I'm afraid that I was pretty frustrated. She was very helpful and actually made me feel better, she has a very nice bedside manner. --Thank you.

B. Diamond

From: I. Peterson

Date: 7/17/14

The support was outstanding! I am very satisfied!

I. Peterson

From: Trey S.

Date: 7/16/14

Thanks so much for your help on this! Your dedication and personality was a huge factor in our decision, please let your supervisor know that I said it and its very very true.

Trey S.

From: Manuel R.

Date: 7/8/14

Fast response. Excellent knowledge. Easy to communicate with. Thanks Stephanie, and Jango.

Manuel R.

From: Nancy J.

Date: 7/8/14

Amber Henry has been fantastic. She provides quick service and is very knowledgeable of the product.

Nancy J.

From: Toni T.

Date: 7/7/14

Chris has been tremendous help to us and our clients. Thank you Chris!

Toni T.

From: S. Covert

Date: 6/30/14

I couldn't be more happy. Love the product and blown away by the personal attention when I run into a problem.

S. Covert

From: Barbara K.

Date: 6/3/14

I was contacted quickly, and I was told how to work around the issue while they fixed the problem, so I was able to send out my mass email in a timely manner. Your support there is always exceptionally good.

Barbara K.

From: Colin H.

Date: 5/30/14

Erica did a wonderful job of helping me get set up and answering all questions I had and even some questions I didn't know I would have. She took an hour out of her day to personally show me all the ins and outs of JangoMail and ensuring that I would have a good experience. Thank you very much!

Colin H.

From: Freddy K.

Date: 5/25/14

I think you at JangoMail have the best and fastest customer service I have experienced online ever. Very good!! Thank you. Keep it up :)

Freddy K.

From: Bill D.

Date: 5/16/14

Erica has played a key role in my assimilation into the JangoMail world. I really would not want to contemplate my progress without her. She has been a phenomenal help.

Bill D.

From: Heidi Z.

Date: 5/9/14

Fantastic support.... your representative Erica was so fantastically patient with me and explained everything I needed to know. Thank you.

Heidi Z.

From: Kyle G.

Date: 5/12/14

Really great, top class follow up.
Keep up the amazing work!

Kyle G.

To: Sarah Dyer, Customer Service Manager

Date: 4/9/14

When we started with your company Steve Callan was very helpful with Mike from our IT Dept. Since then my first call in to Jango I was helped by Angel Ellis. Angel has been a pleasure, she answered all my questions and has been in constant contact to make sure all is well.

From: Emma L.

Date: 3/3/14

Jango help rocks!!! Her (Angel's) help was swift and to the point, and was more than happy to answer other cries for help too. If there were five stars to give, she deserves six.

Emma L, Marketing industry

From: Gary C.

Date: 3/28/14

Jango's support has been absolutely amazing. Chris Reibold was knowledgeable and completely resolved my issue quickly. I have been very impressed with support thus far.

Gary C.

From: Patricia B.

Date: 5/8/2014

Nice! I've always found Erick to be a great help. He doesn't immediately jump to the obvious solution (blaming it on the client side) and fixate on that while ignoring other options.

Patricia B.

From: B. Diamond

Subject: Re: Support Ticket

To: Sarah Dyer, Customer Service Manager

Date 11/1/2013

My first contact with JangoMail was with Erica Melzer. I think that I must have been extremely fortunate because ever since my first contact, Erica has been proactive in providing me with all of the answers to my questions along with the encouragement to move forward. She has made me feel like I have a partner at JangoMail and that is a very comforting feeling when starting on a venture with a service provider. I do have to say that my experience with JangoMail and the level of service that I have witnessed in just a few short days has raised the bar. I am most impressed.

B. Diamond, Financial Industry

From: Aaron B.

Subject: Angel Ellis

To: Sarah Dyer, Customer Service Manager

Date 7/2/2013

Though we've never spoken I felt compelled to share my experiences with Angel Ellis and the world class support she's delivered! I have been using Jango mail for sometime now and continue to be impressed with not only the software but the quality of care I receive when I call for assistance.

Not only was Angel extremely knowledgeable about the new platform her genuine care for your customers came through loud and clear! Bravo!!!

You have every reason to be proud of your staff knowing the future growth of your company is in good hands!

Aaron B., Financial Industry

From: Christine Ewerdt

Subject: Re: Support Question

To: Steve Callan, JangoMail Sales Director

Date 4/1/2013


I absolutely LOVE your service. I love the features, the ease of use…everything about it.

If you have a blog site where you’d like customer reviews, please direct me to it….and I’ll write a beautiful, RAVE review.

Christine Ewerdt

From: Andres Novoa

Subject: RE: Making sure your JangoMail support case was handled exceptionally

To: Kim Wright, JangoMail Director of Operations

Date 10/16/2012

Hi Kim,

I really want to go out of my way and let you know that the service JangoMail provided was more than exceptional. Our company has been clients with JangoMail for several years now and this was the first time any issue had arisen. The contact was immediate, and everyone who I spoke to was very informed and helpful. I’ve used other email companies in the past and JangoMail is miles above the competition, also the new UI looks great!

Thank You,

Andres Novoa

From: Alicia Liebsch

Subject: RE: Making sure your JangoMail support case was handled exceptionally

To: Kim Wright, JangoMail Director of Operations

Date 10/10/2011

Erick and Kim handled my problem exceptionally. It took a long time and they stuck with me every step of the way. I wouldn’t ever go with any other mass email handler. Thank You!

Alicia Liebsch
Marketing Coordinator / Graphic Designer
Universal Education Strategies

From: Aaron Bembaron

Subject: Wanted to thank you for all your patience and help.

To: Erick Pece, JangoMail Support Expert

Date 6/3/2011

Hi Erick,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your help and patience in answering my questions and getting me reacquainted with Jangomail.

I see that they continue to seek out the best in Customer Service Representatives. You took the extra step to show me a few new features that will increase my open rate on our emails.. Bravo !! Keep up the the World Class Service!

Warm Regards,

Aaron Bembaron

From: Rick Roso

Subject: JangoMail Testimonial

To: Kim Wright, JangoMail Sales Director

Date 5/13/2011

The Jango company is amazing. At one point we were not even a client of Jango, yet they got deeply involved in helping us fix a tech issue. I can certainly recommend Jango to any outfit that considers integrity and support key to choosing an ESP.

Rick Roso
Lime Rock Park

From: Richard B.

Subject: Re: Can I answer any questions about JangoSMTP, Richard?

To: Kim Wright, JangoMail Director of Operations

Date 3/2/2011

It worked better than expected. Super easy to sign up and start using.

Thank you!


From: Geordie Korper

Subject: Re: JangoSMTP: Contact Form

To: Kim Wright, JangoMail Sales Director

Date 1/4/2011

Thank you. Your answer was timely and very helpful. Such great service reflects well on the company and strongly encourages me to look further into the solution you provide. I will be signing up for an account and begin testing very soon.

Geordie Korper

From: Dan Krotine

Subject: Re: Can I answer any questions about JangoSMTP, Daniel?

To: Kim Wright, JangoMail Director of Operations

Date 12/28/2010

Thanks Kim. It was painfully easy to set this up and test it and it's working like a charm... Thanks for the follow up and this uber cool service!


From: Meera Trivedi

Subject: RE: Making sure your JangoMail support case was handled exceptionally

To: Kim Wright, JangoMail Director of Operations

Date 11/22/2010

Erick was so helpful! He informed me it’s no longer possible for Outlook to recognize radio buttons and gave me great suggestions.

He also went above the request and answered a few more questions for me.

Exceptional service!


Meera Trivedi
Marketing Coordinator

From: Carol Simicich

Subject: RE: Making sure your JangoMail support case was handled exceptionally

To: Kim Wright, JangoMail Director of Operations

Date 11/17/2010

Hi Kim,

Response from Jangomail is always great. I've made several upgrade requests and have asked for info. The response is always prompt and thorough.

Thank you!

Carol Simicich

From: Colleen Kelly

Subject: Re: JangoSMTP Account Activated

To: Kim Wright, (JangoSMTP)

Date 11/2/2010

PS You guys should advertise at Best Buy. Honest to goodness I bought an aircard plug in for the internet as I travel a lot. I have been to not one but THREE Best Buys their Geek Squad and at their phone desk as well, one Staples Geek Squad, one super high computer whizz kid, and my sister WHO IS A MICROSOFT DEVELOPER.

All of them said it's "not possible" to get Virgin air cards to send using Outlook!!!! I stumbled across your website by sheer accident. Had never heard of you, and obviously darned Best Buy where I bought the plug in hadn't either!!!

I travel all over the world - South Africa, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand and the USA, UK/Europe. Sending emails is a nightmare! McDonalds is supposed to work, airports are supposed to work. I have purchased connections at airports all over the world and they very rarely SEND emails. Jango has saved my life. The cost is NOTHING compared to the nightmare of not being able to send and trying to run an international business!

Colleen Kelly
Biomechanics Lecturer

From: John Menta

Subject: RE: Making sure your JangoMail support case was handled exceptionally

To: Kim Wright, JangoMail Director of Operations

Date 10/29/2010

I've never had anything but an exceptional experience with the support tickets I've posted. Every one of them has been handled quickly and professionally (even though we’re a small player compared to your other clients).


From: S.P.

Subject: Re: Can I answer any questions about JangoSMTP, S?

To: Kim Wright, (JangoSMTP)

Date 10/12/2010

Hello Kim,

I am very excited and happy to use JangoSMTP services, the simplicity and feature rich product with SMTP log tracing, I must say Hats Off to your product.

I will contact you if I need your further assistance.



From: Tim M.

Subject: Re: Can I answer any questions about JangoSMTP, Tim?

To: Steve Callan, JangoMail Sales Director

Date 9/30/2010

Hi Steve,

I just wanted to send you an email and thank you again for being so helpful and answering all our questions. We signed up for the 45K emails/month plan and you were instrumental in helping us feel confident in that decision. We had a bad experience with another company recently and it is refreshing to deal with such knowledgeable, helpful, and courteous people for a change! I wanted to let you know that you were awesome and tell your boss I said you deserve a raise! :^)

Thanks again,


From: Brad H.

Subject: A Great Customer Service Experience

To: Kim Wright, JangoMail Director of Operations

Date 7/14/2010

Dear Kim,

I just wanted to drop you a note to say how much I appreciated Anne Arthur's help in setting up my website, LetsVoteNow.com, to use JangoSMTP.

Anne was very professional and knowledgable and responded so quickly so many times that I was really blown away. She even helped me discover a glitch in my own set-up that hadn't occurred to me.

In contrast, I have been waiting literally months for a simple answer from another online firm. This was a really refreshing change!

Anne's professionalism speaks very well of JangoSMTP.

Thanks very much!


From: Andy Fletcher

Subject: RE: Can I answer any questions about JangoSMTP, Andy?

To: Kim Wright, JangoMail Director of Operations

Date 6/16/2010

Hi Kim,
Thanks for getting in touch. Nothing we need answered. The trial with our free account went perfectly and we signed up for a paid account hours later. It’s already integrated with our live service and our email delivery rate is massively improved. I’m so very impressed.


From: Amit Kasher

Subject: RE: Pnyxe - hebrew issues

To: Kim Wright, JangoMail Sales Director

Date 2/10/2010

Hi Kim,
We’ve upgraded our account to a paid version today, after deploying our new version that makes use of your API.

Thanks a lot for your attention and your excellent care. We really appreciate that, and feel like a valued customer.

We would be happy to be quoted or leave feedback if you like.


Amit Kasher

From: Joseph Caldwell

Subject: Update

To: Steve Callan, JangoMail Sales Director

Date 2/27/2009

Hi Steve,
I wanted to follow up and let you know it has been a pleasure working with your company. I hope to have another account moved over to your service soon. The more I have seen of your competition the more I realize how good of a company you are.

Thank You

Joseph Caldwell

From: Adriana Waterston

Subject: RE: JangoMail Support RESPONSE #13093

To: Dave Walker, JangoMail Head of Support

Date 2/4/2009

Thank you, Dave!

By the way, this is why I love working with Jangomail. The quick response and personal attention I get every time I have a problem (which doesn't happen all that often at all, I'd like to also point out) is amazing. You guys are great.

Adriana Waterston
Vice President, Marketing and Business Development
Horowitz Associates, Inc.

From: British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) / Christine Giffin

Subject: Excellent service

To: Ajay Goel, President of JangoMail

Date 4/19/2006

Hi there,

I just wanted to let you know we have been using JangoMail for about a year now and the service is really great. Our desginer, Jim Richard, has been wonderful and he is a pleasure to work with.



Christine Giffin

From: dataLAB / Andrew Zipkes

Subject: Kudos

To: Ajay Goel, President of JangoMail

Date 4/7/2006


I spoke with Dave earlier, and was gushing about how much I love JangoMail. I try to send all of my clients and anyone else who will listen to you guys. The interface is one of the easiest and most useful web applications I have ever used (I have also done usability testing in the past, so I am familiar with other bad ones), but the greatest thing is that you guys are so incredibly helpful and your tech support is just awesome!


Andrew Zipkes

From: Gregg Stebben

Subject: Thanks for "Suppression Groups" feature

To: Ajay Goel, President of JangoMail

Date 8/2/2005

I just started using JangoMail...and this new feature is like a gift from the email Gods!

Thank you so much for adding this!


Gregg Stebben

From: Sagepath, Inc. / Eric Swanson

Subject: Compliments to JangoMail

To: Ajay Goel, President of JangoMail

Date: 3/14/2006


Kim and Dave have been great to work with. Email sends are a commodity product, but their personalized service distinguishes JangoMail from other email companies.


Eric Swanson
Client Services
Sagepath, Inc.

From: Hannum's Harley-Davidson / Claudia Schindler

Subject: Kim is a great asset

To: Ajay Goel, President of JangoMail

Date: 2/23/2005

Hello Ajay,

I just wanted to write you a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate the assistance and support from your employee Kim. She is ALWAYS extremely helpful and pleasant and she has made the learning process very comfortable and easy. My questions are always answered immediately and with ease. Kim is an incredible asset to your company!

Thank you.

Claudia Schindler
Director of Marketing
Hannum’s Harley-Davidson

From: compoundstockearnings.com / Joseph Hooper

Subject: Great customer support

To: Ajay Goel, President of JangoMail

Date: 12/28/2004

Dear Ajay,

We have been a client of yours for a long time now and I must say that there is no service that is better than yours. The customer support is just fantastic. I have had to call on Saturdays etc. and received record timely help.

Joseph R. Hooper

From: American Cancer Society / Adam Pellegrini

Subject: Thanks for the assistance with our email list

To: Ajay Goel, President of JangoMail

Date: 3/1/2004

Thank you so much. Your team is great with customer service. Do you have referral programs? I have several large corporations I am
going to recommend you to.

Adam Pellegrini
Director of Systems Marketing
American Cancer Society

From: iLeo, Nokia / Hazem Abughazaleh, Interactive Brand Manager

Subject: Thanks for the assistance with personalization in foreign language emails

To: Ajay Goel, President of JangoMail

Date: 9/3/2004

Hi Ajay,

I'd like to thank you for all your help in the past few days in ensuring that we got through all the obstacles in displaying personalized Arabic text. Your determination and commitment to helping us has played a big role in us choosing JangoMail as a partner for sending mass-emails.

Best regards,


From: Hill & Knowlton / Carey Cranston

Subject: Thanks for the personal attention over the last couple years

To: Kim Wright, Head of JangoMail Support

Date: 2/24/2004

I just wanted to let you know that I'm leaving H&K today. I wanted to thank you for all your help personally over the last couple of years and to tell you that I think JangoMail is a great service and I'm impressed with the constant upgrades and improvements and will always recommend you to anyone doing email marketing and group email management of any kind.

Thanks again,

Carey Cranston

From: One Leaf Creative / Callie Miller

Subject: Thanks for assisting with moving an email list from one account to another

To: Kim Wright, Head of JangoMail Support

Date: 2/13/2004

Kim –
I was working in Cerulean’s account to setup their email and I saw the database moved before I even got your email! Thank you so much for making this happen so quickly – I know I’ve said this before, but you guys are truly wonderful to work with. I have worked with so many external email partners that are impossible to get in touch with and never really seem to understand the importance of their customers’ needs. Thanks again for your continued excellent service! I’m slowly trying to convince each of my clients to setup their own JangoMail accounts – you deserve all the new business you can get and I’m sold!



From: Premera Blue Cross / Matt Tuller, Team Leader

Subject: Complimenting JangoMail's customer service

To: Kim Wright, Head of JangoMail Support

Date: 3/7/2004

I would like to compliment the customer service we've received from JangoMail. All of our people that have worked with JangoMail are very impressed with the friendliness, thoroughness, and the response time that has been given to us.

Thank you for being a great company to work with.

Matt Tuller, Team Leader
Premera Blue Cross - Medicare Part A

From: Michael John Angel Studios / Kate Williams

Subject: Complimenting JangoMail on a newly launched feature allowing dynamic, conditional content in email messages

To: Ajay Goel, President of JangoMail

Date: 1/27/2004

Outstanding! We were just talking about starting to segment our list, adding special info for registered students, etc. You’re way ahead of us!

–Kate Williams

From: Institute for Advanced Studies of Health / Jerry Beach

Subject: Complimenting JangoMail on a newly launched feature allowing dynamic, conditional content in email messages

To: Ajay Goel, President of JangoMail

Date: 1/27/2004

Just as I was writing some SQL views to accomplish the same thing, you've come up with a simpler way to do it.

Jerry Beach

From: Anand Rahasya

Subject: Complimenting JangoMail's web interface and customer care

To: Kim Wright, Head of JangoMail Support

Date: 1/23/2004

Hi Kim....

First of all thanks for your great customer care -- real care -- I appreciate that a lot! I sent out my first newsletter, set up the form fields, and everything worked out perfectly!

The web interface is very good and easy to use. My imported email data CSV got a nice clean up.

Thanks :-)

Have a sunny and peaceful weekend,


From: UWM School of Continuing Education / Sara Hayden

Subject: Complimenting JangoMail on its new features and its support team

To: Ajay Goel, President of JangoMail

Date: 1/13/2004

Hi Ajay:
Thank you for the update. This is wonderful news! We at the UWM School of Continuing Education are constantly impressed with your continued efforts to offer new features. Additionally, your talented and responsive JangoMail team is always ready and willing to assist us with any requests/questions/problems that arise. Thank you. We appreciate all that you do.

Looking forward to 2004 updates,


From: 80/20, Inc / Mike Phillips

Subject: Happy Holidays, and thanks for a great service

To: Kim Wright, Head of JangoMail Support

Date: 12/23/2003

You guys are always pleasant, always up, and always there. Happy Holidays to you, and thank you so much for providing a great service. We're usually already tense when we're having a problem, and you guys are always friendly and always have the answers.

Mike Phillips

From: Trilliant Technology / Mark Kitaoka

Subject: Compliments on JangoMail support staff member

To: Ajay Goel, President of JangoMail

Date: 11/13/2003

Dear Mr. Goel,

I would like to take this opportunity to compliment Kim Wright, the customer service representative who assisted me today. I was tasked with sending out a blanket email on behalf of a client who was on an almost unrealistic timeframe.

I called your toll free number and was "shocked" to have a human answer. After my shock turned into appreciation, it was further enhanced by the person on the other end of the phone, Kim Wright. Not only was she professional and helpful, but went above and beyond my expectations by offering to personally monitor my account.

Service of her caliber was the "standard" twenty years ago, yet is sadly rare today. Kim's service level reflects a standard that sets your firm apart from those not only in your industry, but within customer service in general.

Thank you for employing associates such as Kim and exercising the leadership and vision that encourages people like her to offer such service.


Mark Kitaoka
Trilliant Technology

From: One Leaf Creative / Callie Miller

Subject: Compliments on the design and ease-of-use of JangoMail

To: Kim Wright, Head of JangoMail Support

Date: 9/4/2003

Kim --

I have setup an account with JangoMail because I do some small contract work on the side (and may soon leave my full time job to begin working full time on my own) and will be sending a few messages a month to about 300 people each time. I am not able to use the proprietary software that my company has developed, but I wanted all the same functionality -- and I have to say -- as someone who has developed custom email software over the years -- your tools are excellent and the presentation and ease of accessing the demo was wonderful! I know how hard it is to get all of that pulled together and working smoothly, so I was impressed!

Thank you.

Callie Miller

From: The Marketing Integrators / Paulette Wilhelmy

Subject: Excellent service from a JangoMail support staff member

To: Ajay Goel, President of JangoMail

Date: 7/8/2002

Hi Ajay,

Just wanted to drop you a note about the excellent customer service that Kim Wright provides. She answers every one of my many questions with patience and a smile, and has helped me through a scary experience--a marketer learning how to do her own email blasts!!

You have a gem in Kim, and she makes you and your company look not just good, but great. Your company's service is a shining example in the world of sporadic Reponses on the Web. Give her a promotion and a raise!

I will strongly recommend your company to friends and colleagues.


Paulette Wilhelmy
The Marketing Integrators

From: Columbus School for Girls / Christine M. Davis, Coordinator of Integrated Systems and Information Technology

Subject: We recommend JangoMail!

To: Kirsten Gray, a potential JangoMail client who asked for references

BCC To: Ajay Goel, President of JangoMail

Date: 4/16/2003

Hi Kirsten,

Please forgive my seeming negligence - I had actually replied to your email 3 times yesterday, and every time I clicked SEND the program crashed. Today, however, the demon child machine seems to be better behaved.

As for giving my recommendation on JangoMail, that is easy. It is an incredible bargain for us considering all the man HOURS one mass email sent to hundreds required. Now, it takes only moments to send thousands. They take special pride, however, in the quality of customer service delivered to their clients. Ajay and Kim have always responded immediately (and oh, so patiently) to any question or concern I have ever had. Plus, they're SUCH nice folks :)

If you need more details, or have further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me, anytime at all.

Christine M. Davis

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