Brand Building

Custom control the look and feel of all your email campaigns.

From Address in Email Campaigns

From Addressing

Configure your email account to send from your branded subdomain, while retaining both the unsubscribe and bounce handling features of JangoMail. Read more

Tracking Email Campaigns

Custom Tracking, including Custom Unsubscribe

Use the JangoMail SMTP relay service to track every unsubscribe, bounce, reply, forward, open and click to your website. Read more

Targeted Email Campaigns

Behavioral Targeting and Triggers

Target specific behavioral filters for email recipients as they open, click or lands on a designated web page. Then send email campaigns based on these triggers with automated messages. Read more

Control Over Email Messages

Complete Message Control

Don’t get locked into fixed template selections. Take advantage of JangoMail’s sophisticated yet easy-to-use HTML editors built right into the JangoMail Message page. Loaded with in-demand features. Read more

Personalizing Email Campaigns

Personalization and Conditional Logic

Use both traditional merge fields and also VBScript logic statements (IF, THEN, ELSE) to customize the content of your email messages. Read more

Setting up Automatic Emails


Set up autoresponders to greet your new list subscribers upon sign up and check in with existing customers at pre-set intervals, so your products or services are always top-of-mind. Read more

Survey Campaigns via Email


Create custom surveys and get real-time results, so you can respond to the needs of your customers and assess overarching business needs more efficiently. Read more

Private Label Emails

Private Label

Create a 100% domain-branded private label solution that re-brands JangoMail as your own personal email marketing application – while keeping us completely behind-the-scenes. Read more