PinPoint Email Delivery and Reporting

A targeted email marketing service that delivers, with the granular results to prove it.

If it looks like a duck and acts like a duck, industry filters should know it’s not spam. Unfortunately, that’s not the case with all spam filters.

That’s why the JangoMail email marketing service takes proactive measures to ensure your legitimate emails reach your intended recipients – without any roadblocks.

And once you reach that target audience, JangoMail has the timely, behavioral reporting and response technology to help you determine when, where and how to communicate with your customers most effectively.

Below are just a few of our key email delivery and reporting features:

Email Marketing Service

Delivery Optimization Tool

Optimize the delivery of your email marketing campaigns by making small changes that can make a huge impact. This is the tool that will show you show. Read more

Email Service Safelist

Habeas Safelist

JangoMail is approved by the industry's most widely used Internet whitelisting service for legitimate commercial senders. Read more

Domain Routing

Domain Routing

You make the rules, and JangoMail sets up the specific routing for your domains and accounts to increase your delivery success. Read more

Reporting Opens with Email Marketing Service


Track any HTML or Text email sent and collect information each time that message is opened by your intended recipients. Read more

Geo-Tracking - Email Marketing Reports


Take advantage of one of JangoMail’s most intensive code development efforts to date, allowing you to drill down to see highly detailed Open/Click/Web Page View results. Read more

Google Analytics and Email Service

Google Analytics

If you’re not up-to-speed with this important quant-data, it’s time to tune in. JangoMail has a highly advanced integration with Google Analytics. Read more

Email Reporting

Time-Based Reporting

Monitor email campaign activity by the day, hour and even minute to better understand the purchase or overall engagement behavior of your unique audience. Read more

Email Service - Bounce and Unsubscribe Reports

Unsubscribe/Bounce Synchronization

Manage your bounce and unsubscribe lists with unparalleled flexibility – from an entire domain, down to an individual. Remove addresses from one list, while retaining that address for other list uses. Let JangoMail update your database directly. Read more

This is just a snapshot …

See our complete overview of all deliverability and reporting features.