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Top 10 Email Marketing Features

branding control

100% Branding Control

Wish granted. Unlike other email marketing companies, you don't have to see a "Powered by JangoMail" footer attached to your emails that will immediately brand you as "one of the bunch." You control every unique aspect of the look and feel of your design and content, so recipients are drawn to you straight from their INBOX.
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email marketing personalization

Advanced Personalization

Shotgun email marketing is a tactic of the past. JangoMail gives you pinpoint control to define custom content based on your customers' personal preferences and behavioral patterns. Want to only send to customers who clicked a certain link in last week's email? No problem. Click updates can be accessed in real time. Learn More

easy to use HTML editors

Easy-to-Use HTML Editors

You don't have to be an HTML pro, but you can sure look like one. Our HTML Editor supports advanced functions like Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), one-click insertion of CAN-SPAM compliant footers, forward-to-a-friend links and more. Learn More

comprehensive email marketing preview tool

Comprehensive Email Preview Tool

JangoMail has integrated with a third-party partner to give you one of the most innovative email preview rendering tools available today. No more surprises – see exactly how your email will look in more than 25 different email clients and address any issues before you hit SEND. Learn More

self-configured auto repsonse

Self-Configured Auto Response

You're the master of your list with full control of any email messages sent using JangoMail. Easily set up autoresponders to greet your new list subscribers upon sign up and check in with them at pre-set intervals so they never lose sight of your products or services. Learn More

foreign language support

Foreign Language Support

JangoMail fully supports foreign language and double-byte character sets, allowing you to send both plain text and HTML emails in virtually any foreign language.

agency email share-out option

Agency Share-Out Option

If you want work that truly reflects your evolving company, you have to stay current with your external agencies and consultants. JangoMail lets you create subaccounts beneath your master account. Share as much or as little as you want, from access to artwork (template editing) to Unsubscribe lists. Learn More

email to website tracking

Email-to- Website Tracking

Use JangoMail to track every unsubscribe, bounce, reply, forward, open and click to your website. Or add one line of simple code to each page of your website and enjoy Website Activity Tracking to see exactly how email marketing recipients navigate after clicking a specific link in your email.
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optimal email deliverability

Optimal Email Deliverability

Avoid the SPAM label permanently. JangoMail's Delivery Optimization Tool suggest new ways to avoid comprehensive SPAM filters (aren't they everywhere these days??) so your communications reach your intended recipients. Learn More

new email marketing features and JangoMail enhancements

New Email Marketing Features & Enhancements – Check back often!

Forget upgrades. JangoMail is getting better every day (sometimes literally). Our team isn't just bright; they're driven to do better. Sometimes great ideas come to us during a brainstorm. Sometimes they come directly from our customers. Don't see what you need? Just ask. We're always open to new ways to stay on top. Learn More

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